Filet Mignon

Texas Roadhouse Menu

Logan’s Roadhouse – Pretty decent. The filet was cooked pretty well with the blue cheese crumbs added as an extra bonus. The 9 oz is the perfect size if you want to ensure no leftovers. I was pleasantly surprised by the side of cinnamon apples. It rounded out the meal quite nicely and the loaded baked potato??????? Nailed it! Thank you for allowing us to have the opportunity.

Pile It On Pizza



Pizza Rev – Pretty good pizza! They allow unlimited toppings for one standard price so this is definitely a win. Pile it on! As you see from the final picture I couldn’t eat it all. Outside of the unlimited toppings I must give a shout out to the manager and staff. Great customer service! They made my first visit there one that has a lasting impression. – Round Rock, TX

Pizza Rev Menu

Good Morning Sunshine!


Little Red Wagon – Round Rock, TX

Little Red Wagon – Provides a hefty breakfast at an affordable price. Although, this posts mentions breakfast their showcased product is their hamburgers. Handmade patties with the perfect amount of seasoning. A post on their burgers will be listed in the near future. Definitely worth the trip! – Round Rock, TX