Q.D. Foodie Kitchen Tools

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Q.D. Foodie Kitchen Tools

The Q.D. Foodie Kitchen Tool Collection is a uniquely designed utensil set that engages and inspires kids (and grownups!) in the kitchen.

Q.D. Foodie Kitchen Tools are bright and colorful, just like real fruits and vegetables. The pieces are made of silicone and nylon, making them super sturdy, and they’re dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. With imperial, metric, and braille measurements, everyone can be included and measure perfectly. This utensil set is designed to promote imagination, creativity, and collaboration, and of course, to be lots and lots of fun!

The first step to getting kids into the kitchen is to make cooking really enjoyable, and with your support, we will have the perfect tools to do this. By empowering kids to learn how to cook, be creative, and eat healthier with their own set of utensils, we are helping to create lasting memories and family traditions.


Let’s come together and support Q.D. Foodie Kitchen Tools. This is an awesome tool to get our kids engaged!!!

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World Famous Fried Chicken

Definitely worth the trip! Gus’s has the perfect chicken batter with just a hint of spice to rev up the taste buds. If you love fried chicken BEWARE! This will become your new addiction! The sides are great also. It could easily be “Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken & SIDES”. One more thing to rave about when it comes to Gus’s. DESSERT! DESSERT! DESSERT! Their pies are legendary! I was a bit ticked off they were sold out on my last visit. More of a reason to go back. FOODIE APPROVED!!!

Gus Fried Chicken Menu

Scrumptious Hamburgers

Mighty Fine Hamburgers – Yes, they are! The 1/2 lb burger offers a very generous portion of seasoned goodness! Coupled with the crinkled fries and optional Lawry’s seasoning stationed at each table this is a must try! One thing that will catch your attention outside of the heavenly aroma would be the exceptional customer service! You are greeted exceptionally well from the moment you walk in till the moment you walk out. That paired with a great burger / fry combination makes this a Foodie Favorite! – Austin, TX

Mighty Fine Menu

OMG Breakfast!


Dan’s Hamburgers – Austin,TX

Dan’s Hamburgers (Lamar Location) – Greeeeeaaaattt breakfast! If you want a great down home breakfast this is your place! Every breakfast item speaks goodness to your taste buds. A huge shout out to the manager and staff! They make you feel as if you were home eating breakfast. Anything you need they are on top of it and they are very welcoming. Definitely FOODIE APPROVED! – Austin, TX