About Us

Meet The Foodies is a family owned business that specializes in the areas of food and drink.
We take pleasure in sharing our passion for food with you and we ask that you do the same.

What do we do?
We know that your favorite foods are near and dear to your heart so we would like to give them their proper due by highlighting them on our site.
So, we ask that you share your favorite restaurants, favorite dishes or recipes with us.
We would like to partake in the “Foodie” experience with you by visiting your favorite locations to sample your submitted dishes or preparing your submitted recipes.
Once sampled or prepared, be on the look out for the Foodie Scale! (1-5, 5 being Foodie Approved)

What is a Foodie?
Simply, “a person who enjoys eating food!”
Do you fit that description?
Welcome to the FAMILY!
You are an official Foodie!